What is e-CO2sol?

In times of climate change and numerous debates around environmental protection, it is important to quantify some awareness. This is achieved with e-CO2sol.

Balver Zinn is not only committed to environmental protection, but is also concerned about “conflict materials", fair and lawful handling within the market and correct handling of hazardous substances, which are covered under the e-CO2sol seal.

Sustainability is obvious

In Balver Zinn sustainability is not introduced with e-CO2sol, it has always been our priority. We are committed to make the environment cleaner and protect humanity with our products and services. The conversion to lead-free materials and the associated commitment of Balver Zinn to make the earth more environmentally and people-friendly is proof of this.

Responsible utilization of raw materials, energy sources, as well as creating awareness for the original source of raw materials or saving greenhouse gases are topics we care about most. With the introduction of e-CO2sol, we want to implement our commitment more than ever and, together with you, maximize sustainability.

Choose sustainability with e-CO2sol

With e-CO2sol we want to enable you to quickly and safely select one of our ecological product solutions. In the future, our products will have an e-CO2sol classification, which shows you how sustainable the selected product is.

This classification is based on the five e-CO2sol basics:

Conflict-free raw materials,

Code of Conduct / Company policies


CO2 initiative


This means you can be sure that sustainability areas for the balance of CO2, handling of hazardous substances and compliance with the law as well as rejection of conflict materials and child labour are covered.

The e-CO2sol classification can vary from “A” for a very ecological product to “D” for a less ecological product. The effects on health, environmental impact and the recyclability of a product at the end of its life time play a role in this classification.

e-CO2sol is a promise for the future

Balver Zinn will act to ensure sustainable products are used in the future and together continue with our customers and partners to achieve the ecological goals for the planet. e-CO2sol is a milestone on the way to a sustainable future.