High reliability of Low-VOC fluxes

Therefore VOC-free and Low-VOC fluxes are becoming more and more important in the production of electronic assemblies.

Water-based fluxes have been used in the electronics industry since the early 1990s. The higher energy evaporating requirement of water gives special demands on the machine configuration and entire process.

For high reliability electronics, residues left on the PCB must be chemically neutral and shall not lead to function failures.  

Rosin and or Resins are responsible for the polymerization after the soldering process resulting in encapsulating any acids or activators left. The polymerization process will ensure safe residue and therefore longtime reliability.

For water based fluxes organics are used as they are water-soluble. Unfortunately Resin and or Rosin are not water soluble which will leave the residue of hydroscopic organics and activators exposed after the soldering process (no polymerization). This can increase the risk of corrosion on the electronic assemblies and in danger the longtime reliability.

For these reasons COBAR®, part of the BALVER ZINN® Group, introduced Low-VOC fluxes in the electronics market since 1996.

Low-VOC combines the biggest advantages of both worlds and gives the possibility to replace most alcohol-based fluxes by Low-VOC technology’s with similar reliability and process settings.

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